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Nima Shafagh Dost

Nima Shafagh Dost was a 16-year-old high school student who lived in Orumiyeh, in the province of West Azerbaijan. In the days of protests in Orumiyeh, he was wounded by Regime forces. Because of the fear of getting arrested by the Islamic Regime’s forces, his family did not take him to a hospital for proper treatment. They instead tried to look after him at home. Unfortunately, the security forces managed to find Nima and kidnapped him after breaking into his home and attacking his family. Despite his condition, security forces refused to have him treated at the hospital. Nima died after several days of being locked up in a detention center. His body was later delivered to his family on November 5, 2022.

Nima was only 16. Later, in response to the outrage caused by his death, the Orumiyeh police chief falsely claimed that the death of Nima was unrelated to the protests and that he suffered from a dog bite that the family refused to seek treatment for.



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