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Nima Noori

Nima Noori was on his way to Behesht-e Sakineh Cemetary in Karaj to participate in the 40th day ceremony (“chehleh” in Persian) commemorating the death of Hadis Najafi, another young soul killed by the Regime’s forces. Nima was shot twice by the Islamic Republic’s security forces, once in his chest and once in his thigh. Nima was first taken to Vasal Karaj clinic due to heavy bleeding and was immediately transferred to Madani Hospital where he died that same day.

Nima was only 18-years-old and was an only child. He had a diploma and was a kind and simple young man. He loved cars and really enjoyed driving. A few days before he was killed, Nima had said on Instagram that he was ready to sacrifice his life for his country and for freedom.

According to one of the friends of the family, Nima’s father did not know about his son's condition until later in the afternoon when someone called him and told him that his son had been shot.

According to one of Nima’s relatives, Islamic Republic “plainclothes” security forces (members of the Basij paramilitary forces wearing civilian clothing) entered the Madani Hospital after Nima’s death and allowed his father to see the body in the morgue. According to Nima’s father, “his [Nima’s] stomach was torn up to the top of his chest and had been stitched closed.” According to Nima’s relatives, the Regime’s forces have threatened to arrest or kill Nima’s parents and their family members if they give interviews to the media or speak out about their son’s death.



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