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Mona Naghib

Mona Naghib was a beautiful 8-year-old Baloch girl from Aspic, a village near the city of Saravan, in the southeastern part of Iran.

It was October 24, 2022, and Mona had just started 3rd grade one month earlier. She was walking to school with her older sister Maryam (also attending primary school). At this time there was a heavy presence of Islamic Republic security forces in the village. Feeling scared, Mona held her sister’s hand and tried to encourage her to walk quickly so that they could get to school faster. The girls saw a white Peugeot passing in front of them. They started walking faster. Then, suddenly, another black Peugeot approached and started shooting at them. Mona let go of her sister’s hand and fell to the ground. Shocked and terrified, Maryam asked Mona “What happened?!” Mona replied: “Sister, I’ve been shot!” Maryam held Mona’s body tightly and tried to carry her on her back to their home. Maryam was not strong enough and she was having trouble carrying her sister’s body any further. Midway down the road, Maryam put Mona down and asked a passerby to give her their phone so that she could call their dad. The first man they asked did not have a cell phone, then a second man approached and offered his phone. Maryam called her father and cried: “Dad! My sister has been shot”.

Mona died that day on the street from a fatal gunshot to the head.

(Main Sources:

Article covering news about Mona’s killing on Haalvash official Website.

Tweets about this news on Haalvash twitter account

Voice recording of Maryam Naghib, explaining what happened that day.)



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