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Mohammad Reza Sarvari

Islamic Regime security forces fatally shot Mohammad Reza Sarvari on September 21, 2022 during demonstrations in Shahr-e Rey, located in the province of Tehran. Mohammad Reza was a 14- year-old boy originally of Afghan decent.

On October 7, 2022, Mohammad Reza Sarvari’s lawyer published a copy of the child's burial certificate online, listing the cause of death as "bleeding and shattered brain tissue" caused by "being hit with a fast-moving projectile." The lawyer wrote that he felt obliged to share the official document given the propagation of false narratives by the authorities in state media and through statements by Regime officials indicating that the child’s death was rather a result of "suicide." Amnesty International also reviewed a corroborating video showing Mohammad Reza Sarvari on the ground and severely bleeding from his head. A primary source told Amnesty International that Mohammad Reza Sarvari was shot in the back of his head while fleeing from security forces opening firing on unarmed protesters. The Islamic Republic’s security and intelligence officials have warned Mohammad Reza Sarvari's family not to speak out.



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