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Maedeh (Mahak) Hashemi

Sayeda Maedeh (Mahak) Hashemi was a 16-year-old gamer who liked to play the game Fire Free. She appeared in a video about the game that was published on YouTube.

Mahak and her two sisters lived in Shiraz with their father. She left home on November 24, 2022 and was not heard from for two days. Her family was contacted by the hospital and was told that there were two dead bodies that were unidentified, and that one of them may have been Mahak. Once Mahak’s body was identified, the Islamic Regime’s forces threatened the family to lie about how Mahak had died. An eyewitness who saw Mahak’s body confirmed that she was beaten on one side of her head and that her face was badly bruised. The Regime forced her family to lie by announcing that Mahak died in a car accident or they would not return Mahak’s body to them.

Mahak Hashemi's family buried her body at the Port of Kangan in the province of Bushehr. An eyewitness who spoke out about Mahek stated that "I don't want to have Maedeh's (Mahak’s) blood on my hands, so I write this in order for everyone to know how she was killed.”



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