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Bahuddin Veisi

In his Instagram story, Najmuddin Veisi writes in Kurdish:

If you take him to the hospital, his dead body will be taken away.

When Najmuddin posted this story, he did not know that this could apply to the body of his own 16-year-old brother, Bahuddin.

Bahuddin’s aunt published a story on her Instagram page saying that instead of taking him to the hospital, Bahuddin’s body was kept at home and put on ice to prevent government agents from stealing his corpse.

Bahuddin’s sister posted the following a quote written by Bahuddin:

I have everything, but poor people have nothing. I see them. I can’t be happy. I’m not happy. I’m going to fight for them and their rights.

Bahuddin was killed by the Islamic Regime’s forces on November 20, 2022.



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