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Artin Rahmani

Artin had a true passion for life and hoped to be part of a movement for change in his country. In his diary, he wrote, “Mom, I am ashamed. I want to march”. In his last Instagram story, he said that “We will be fine one day, but maybe I won’t be there that day. If you are there in my place, be sure to laugh out loud from the bottom of your heart on my behalf”.

Artin was shot dead by government agents on November 25, 2022. The Regime’s security officers pressured Artin's family to bury his body as a "marty” for the Islamic Republic in Martyr Hill in Izeh, but the family refused. On the day of the burial, the officers of the Islamic Republic placed the flag of the Islamic Republic on the body of Artin, but the people in attendance immediately removed and tore the flag.



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