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  • Parniyan Mokari

Ali Mozafari Salanghoch

17-year-old Ali Mozafari Salanghoch was critically injured during the government's violent crackdown on protests in the city of Quchan on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. According to credible sources, he was shot in the stomach by government forces and died shortly after being transferred to medical centers.

The family of Ali Mozafari Salanghoch was forced to pay a ransom of 50 million Tomans (roughly $1,600 CAD) to security forces in exhange for his lifeless body. It has been reported that his corpse was returned to his family on September 24, 2022, but only on the condition that the burial ceremony would take place before 6 a.m and in the presence of heavy security measures.

Ali Mozafari Salangouch was a talented player on the Siape Tehran youth volleyball team and had been invited to join the national youth team. The death of Ali Mozafari Salanghoch is yet another tragic example of the government's brutal repression of peaceful protests.



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